Dating from the hart

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Dating from the hart

Annabeth then eventually moves to Nashville and finds a nursing school there. After giving her blessing to Wade Kinsella (Wilson Bethel) that he can steal her proposal thunder, Lemon (Jaime King) learns at her engagement party that Lavon (Cress Williams) accidentally stole Zoe and Wade's proposal.After a brief fight, Lavon pops the question (for real this time) on the side of the road.She was -- rather intentionally, it seems -- replaced by pulitzer prize nominee Eisa Davis.Two eps after her introduction, her black policeman husband was added.

"That knowns what it wants / That piece you can find / That part is the whole / And it never lets go." Dr.

Then I found out Cress "Scooter" Williams plays a principal role and decided to watch.

He plays Lavon, the mayor of Bluebell, the Alabama town where the show's set.

In a flash forward musical sequence, the two say "I do" in the town square.

Annabeth and Zoe are bridesmaids as George and Wade support Lavon as his groomsmen. The whole town breaks out in a sing-along, which makes for an adorable ending.

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And he walked into our interview with a teeny tiny tank top while strumming a guitar. Oh, and did we mention he also likes to spill secrets? "I actually hoped that Josh Schwartz didn't remember me as the being the guy who on my last day of work showed up to the set six hours late, and the result of which was promptly canned." fans might remember Wilson as Brad, a one-episode wonder who worked the kissing booth with Summer (Rachel). Rachel claims not to remember it, which I find to be a highly dubious claim.

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