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Just as today a woman's wedding was one of the most important days of her life.

The major difference to Elizabethan wedding customs to a modern day Western marriage is that the woman had very little, if any, choice in who her husband might be. They were dependent on their male relatives to support them.

A man courted a woman by putting her wants and desires first.

The emphasis was on passion and romance; we still talk about a man being chivalrous when he holds open a door for a woman or helps her into a car (or onto a horse).

How did your grandparents and great-grandparents court and fall in love?

These days, couples in Western countries usually date casually — though online matchmaking has recently changed the face of dating and courtship dramatically — but traditionally, there were formal courtship rituals that evolved over the ages.

Women were required to be subservient to their husbands and to men in general.

Single women who were thought to be witches by their neighbours...

Elizabethan women were expected to bring a dowry to the marriage. Arrangements for Elizabethan weddings would have been with the local church.

They were taught that men were more intelligent than women.

Many young men and women didn't meet their spouses until their wedding day.

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Chastity and honor were the virtues of the day for women in the Middle Ages.